Siberian husky — what kind of dog?
The Siberian husky breed of sled dogs, currently also used as companion dog and show dog.
Becoming known breed, returned from America. Unusual blue eyes, calm character, outer beauty attracts people, besides husky kids. As huskies are quite popular in movies and on television.
Many breed incorrectly referred to as Siberian husky(similar to husky), but this is incorrect.

 So, what kind of dog is Siberian husky?
The Siberian husky is a working sled dog of medium size, quick and easy, with free and graceful in action. Northern origin show his moderately compact and well furred body, erect ears and brush tail. Characteristic gait is smooth and easy in appearance. He performs his function in harness most capably, carrying a light load at a decent speed over long distances. His body proportions and form reflect this basic balance of power, speed and endurance. The males of the Siberian husky breed are masculine but never coarse, bitches feminine but without weakness of structure of the body. Siberian husky in good shape, with firm and well muscled, should not carry excess weight.

The history of the breed .
Was originally bred by the Chukchi as a sledge dog. Well established,despite its relatively small size, they compensated for the number of dogs in harness (10-15). The harness is characterized by speed and endurance. Since the puppies were kept directly in dwellings mushers, close to the people, were selected as possible non-aggressive dogs. With time turned out to be a very friendly breed who loves to Tinker with children.
At the beginning of the XX century is actively exported to the USA, to Alaska, where appreciated features of these sled dogs. They are used to transport cargo, mail, sledding huskies take part in the competition mushers(e.g. race from anchorage to Nome). A great contribution to the breed development and dissemination of Alaska made fur traders Olaf Swenson and William Husak, prospector Foca Maul Ramsay, and well-known Alaska musher, Olaf Swenson. Actually thanks to these people and preserved the breed husky. As it happened, you ask? In the USSR was compiled by the General register of Northern rock, where the huskies were not included(presumably because of the small size, do not allow them to efficiently transport large volumes of cargo). Respectively, in the middle of the XX century the dog completely husky mixed breeds of huskies and was almost lost in the USSR.
Its spread around the world they started in 1970, after E. Seeley and Lorna B. Demidoff brought the dog with blue eyes contrasting black and white coloration. In Russia officially the first husky appeared only in 1995, puppies were imported from the Czech Republic. Now the Siberian husky breed is becoming more popular.
The subspecies of the Siberian husky breed .
All the husky breed can be divided into three subgroups — working, racing and exhibition.
Workers — ordinary sled dogs, carrying goods and people in the North. Not characterized by outstanding conformation and beauty, smart but unpretentious and very hardy dogs. At the present time for transportation are rarely used, mainly for tourism and riding on dogs.
Racing — dogs displayed specially for participation in races. Motomoto characterized by high, speed. Depending on the nursery and the style of racing may vary slightly on the exterior.
Exhibition — dogs, whose main task is to participate in various exhibitions. They need good acting skills. Also they usually have a shorter muzzle that makes the dog cuter, but makes unwanted part in the race, as the short muzzle worsens warming inhaled cold air.
Currently, the breed standard describes the Siberian husky just a "working" version, but accurate assessment depends on a specific expert
So, you bought the puppy. And thought – how to feed a husky puppy? How many times a day? How much to give food? But if the puppy is 1 month? But 5 months?
I will try to answer these questions

What to feed a puppy?
There are two types of feed — ready feed and food cooked by you( the so-called "straight"). Ready to feed is a dry food and various canned goods. When feeding dry food it is better not to save and to buy feed premium and super-premium – they are better absorbed, well-balanced nutritional elements, contain everything necessary for the full development of the dog. With this diet be sure to drink plenty of liquids, a bowl of water should always be available. The puppy is generally better to feed pre-soaked food until about three to four months.
If you feed your puppy the "straight" then you need to eat balanced food that contains vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mineral substances, necessary for normal growth and development.
In the adult dog diet must be present meat and fish. Already with months of age need to give your puppy meat in small pieces, gradually increasing the proportion of meat in the diet up to 50 %. This is necessary for proper growth. Just need to add fish up to a third of the diet, and best of all – the sea.
Meats is better to give beef, it is not recommended to give the pork(especially fat). You can give the dog all sorts of offal – ears, cartilage, liver.
Must be present vegetables – carrots, cabbage and broccoli, beets. The proportion of vegetables should be 10-20 % in the diet of the puppy.
When feeding with natural food is recommended to add special vitamins for puppies. It is also necessary to periodically give your puppy eggs and dairy products(e.g. cottage cheese).
Vets really do not advise a mixed type of feeding, because of the digestive problems arising from this.

How many times a day to feed the dog?
Up to three months to feed the puppy at least five times a day, from three to six or three to four times, with months of twice a day. An adult dog in case you need to feed and once. For husky characterized by a sudden failure from the food, the tantrums, so if your dog is suddenly not eating, you should not panic and rush to the vet. Maybe the next day she will eat everything and ask for supplements.

How much to give?
When feeding dry food norms defined by the manufacturer and indicated on the packaging. If you choose natural food, then there are more you should rely on common sense, not to overfeed the dog. Estimated single norm when feeding "straight":up to two months, about one Cup, from two to three and a half or two glasses, up to six months to 0.5 – 0.75 liters, over 1-1,5 litres
Of course, all of the above – recommendations and tips, blindly follow so they don't need, because every dog is an individual, the power to adjust under it. When selecting a diet, avoid sudden changes and gradually add new items or remove old, within a week or two.

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